Prizes and Awards

medalAdministered by Nottingham University Medical School:

The JRA Mitchell Student Prize
An award and commemorative medal is given annually to the best student overall in the Clinical Course as determined by the Faculty of Nottingham University Medical School.

The Medico-Chirurgical Society Student Honor’s Year Prize/CFU
An award plus a certificate is given annually for the best report by a Nottingham undergraduate medical student based on substantial personal work in some section of the undergraduate medical course. For several years this has been awarded for the Community Follow-Up Project administrated by the Department of General Practice.

Elective Travel Grants for Students
These are offered annually to final year students of the Nottingham clinical course for the support of travel during the 4-6 weeks of elective study at the end of the course, with a preference for projects in a medically deprived setting. The number and value of grants is decided each year by Council. For more information and to apply, please contact the Nottingham University Medical School Course Office.

Administered by the Society:

The President’s Prize
An award plus a commemorative medal is given annually (on the President\’s nomination) to a person who has given notable service in or made a distinguished contribution to medicine or a related field.

The McCallum Prize
Offered for research papers in summary form of not more than 1000 words. Qualification for the award will be that the bulk of the research must be innovative and have been carried out in the Nottingham area by non-consultant and non-GP principal medical staff.  Click here for further details of the 2016 award.

Travelling Fellowships
Awarded to medical graduates working within 75 miles of Nottingham. Preference is given to applications clearly designed to deliver training or other assistance to a medically or economically deprived community.  Click here for further details and an application form.

Nottingham Women’s Health Award
This prize is awarded every two years (2009-10 is an awarding year) at the Society’s AGM for an essay or completed project covering women’s health, sexual health or family planning issues. Those eligible should be working in the East Midlands and include doctors working in hospitals or in the community, midwives or community nurses, doctors or nurses working in general practice, family planning doctors or nurses, medical or nursing students and research assistants.  Click here for further details of the 2016 award.